We Have Immediate Solutions for Older Roofs

Introducing TWO Roof
Deductible Endorsements


This is our newest Roof Deductible Endorsement and follows the approved guidelines outlined in the special legislative session.

  • Will be automatically applied to all newly bound policies effective 3/17/2023 and existing policies upon renewal effective 5/16/2023 when the AOP deductible is not greater than 2% of the Coverage A limit, unless Higher Discount Option (our original Roof Deductible Endorsement) is selected*
  • Dollar amount of the Roof Deductible will be equal to 2% of the Coverage A limit of the policy
  • At the time of loss, if 50% of the actual roof replacement cost is less than 2% of the Coverage A limit, the Roof Deductible will be reduced to 50% of the actual roof replacement cost
  • The policyholder has the option to remove the Standard Option Roof Deductible or choose the Higher Discount Option Roof Deductible
  • If the Roof Deductible – Standard Option is removed and the Roof Deductible – Higher Discount Option is not selected, the policyholder must sign the Rejection of Roof Deductible form
  • If the insured is enrolled in “paperless,” the NOCPT will be available on the Policyholder portal,; it will not be mailed
  • Not applicable to policies with no wind coverage
  • Deductible amount clearly stated on Dec Page

*The Notice of Change in Policy Terms – Roof Deductible, NOCPT 0123 RD, will be added to every renewal where the Roof Deductible – Standard Option is automatically added for the first time. This is in addition to any other NOCPT version that may be applicable.

HIGHER DISCOUNT OPTION (our original Roof Deductible):

This is our original Roof Deductible, designed to help lower the premium and is a great option for hard-to-place older roofs

  • Optional coverage for those looking to lower their premium
  • Beneficial to homes with roofs more than halfway through their useful life (10 years for a shingle roof, and 15 years for a tile roof on new business)
  • Deductible amount clearly stated on Dec Page
  • Can be added to policies if Hurricane Deductible is lower than Roof Deductible
  • Roof Deductible request may be submitted anytime during policy period
  • Easy to add — just one click to add the endorsement
Coverage and the addition of either Endorsement is subject to underwriting review, and all coverage is subject to provisions, limitations, and exclusions stated in the policy contract. Any claim will be evaluated on its merit.

If your client has an older roof, we have a solution to insure them and save money on their premium.

People’s Trust believes roof deductibles are a better option over ACV for BOTH agents and policyholders. Here’s why.

  • ACV policies determine the roof replacement cost ONLY at the time of loss leaving the settlement amount and policyholder’s financial responsibility open to interpretation at the time of a claim. With ACV the policyholder is exposed to unknown pricing and downside when they are at their most vulnerable – during a claim.
  • For both of the PTI roof deductible endorsements, the deductible amount is clearly displayed at time of binding and on the Dec Page.
  • Roof ACV also exposes agencies to unnecessary E&O claims. Our roof deductible amount displays on new and renewal Dec Pages for both endorsement options, so every agent can clearly explain to their policyholders all potential costs before binding the policy.

People’s Trust Roof Deductible Endorsement coupled with our repair model avoids the pitfall of lingering roof damage by making the repair or replacement using our affiliated company, Rapid Response Team, and providing a full 3-year warranty on workmanship to the policyholder.