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Gated Community

Did you know that your clients may qualify for a 15% discount towards the Non-Hurricane portion of the policy premium when their home is located in a secured community or if their home is gated and it’s their primary home! If you’re in doubt, contact our agency underwriting team for further review. We’re here to […]

Shingle Roof Age Limit

Did you know that People’s Trust accepts shingle roofs that are up to 20 years of age? We’re here to help you place that risk. Risks with roofs that exceed their maximum useful life expectancy and/or contain conditional concerns are subject to underwriting review. Please call us today; because where there’s a will there’s a […]

Military Discount

Did you know that we offer a 5% discount towards the Non-Hurricane portion of the premium when any named insured is an active duty or retired from the U.S. Military? Simply provide documentation as proof.

Pool Slides

Did you know that we welcome homes with pool slides? We encourage your clients to have fun in the sun. Coverage is just a click away!

Diving Boards

Did you know that we welcome homes with pool diving boards? Your clients won’t be turned away for having poolside fun. So jump right in and quote us today!

Protection Class 9 & 10

Great News! We accept all protection classes, including PC 9 & PC 10 without any restrictions; gates, guards, and alarm systems are not required. We’ll be there for your clients in their time of need.

No Acreage Limit

Did you know that we accept homes located on all lot sizes? There’s no acreage limit. As long as there is no commercial exposure; farming or revenue generation is not permitted. So quote with confidence. We’re here to make your clients’ lives easier in their time of need.

Electrical Panel

Having trouble placing a risk due to an electrical panel? People’s Trust has no restrictions on electrical panel brands as long as they are in acceptable condition. We accept all electrical panel brand names with a minimum of 100 amps for the main panel.

Distance to Coast

Did you know that we have no restrictions on Distance to Coast? Feel free to quote all waterfront properties.

Bad Dog Breed List

Do you have clients with dogs? Great news! We welcome all dog breeds. We don’t have a bad dog breed list. We exclude animal liability. As long as there is no bite history, People’s Trust will accept all dogs. For exotic or farm animals, please contact our Agency Underwriting Team for further review.