Undisclosed Claims Reminder 📝

This is a reminder to ensure each policy application blooms with accuracy upon submittal: Always make sure to ask each question on the underwriting application for every risk you submit. Underwriting has alerted us to the ongoing issue of cancellations for incorrect information on new business applications. The application questions are material to the underwriting and acceptance of a policy, and we want to help you avoid unnecessary cancellations whenever possible since:

  • Failure to disclose prior claims history will result in the cancellation of the policy and can void policy coverage.
  •  Failure to disclose existing damage may result in the cancellation of the policy and can void policy coverage.

Remember, there are two separate claims-related questions: one within the initial quote, and one on the application at submittal. Please review all questions and include ALL losses within the last 36 months, even when weather-related or from previous addresses, where applicable.

Attention Agency Owners 🚨

We have sent out emails to agency owners requesting you to verify your agency’s active contacts, specifically updated and accurate email addresses. If you have not provided this information yet, please look for an email from and respond ASAP or call Agency Support at 561-235-7004.

PTI Contribution to Step Up for Students 💐

We’re excited to share that People’s Trust Insurance continues its commitment to education with Step Up for Students through Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program for the 2023 tax year. The generous contribution of $1.25 million will fund scholarships for grades K-12 throughout Florida during the 2023-24 school year, aligning with PTI’s ongoing mission to support academic growth.

“Our investment in education today lays the foundation for a brighter tomorrow, not only for the students but for the entire community,” says George Schaeffer, Chief Executive Officer, and President of People’s Trust Insurance. Click here to read the full press release.

That’s a wrap on Q1. Here’s to a new quarter filled with growth, prosperity, and shared achievements!