Reminder: Valid Policyholder Emails ✉️

Ensuring we have valid email addresses for every in-force policy is paramount to the upcoming rollout of our new policy management system. Recently, you may have received a document in your My Account Portal with a list of your agency’s policies that currently have invalid, blank, and/or duplicate email addresses. Please review this list and input a corrected email address for each. Please do not use your agency email, as this will NOT be accepted.
Once you have reviewed and input a valid email where possible, please email the completed document to

Flood Insurance – which carriers do you sell? 💧

Are your policyholders prepared for flood season? Please reply to this email and let us know which flood insurance carriers you are selling and your experience with them.

We value your expertise in this area and want to ensure that policyholders have the coverage they need to protect their homes and properties. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hurricane Preparedness Week starts in May! 🌀

National Hurricane Preparedness Week starts in May, which means it’s time to gear up for the 2024 hurricane season. Stay tuned for resources and updates to help you and your policies prepare for the months ahead.
As we wrap up, let’s keep in mind the importance of clear communication, community engagement, and readiness for the upcoming hurricane season. Thank you for your continued partnership. See you next month!