Let Us Help You Prepare Your Clients for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

National Hurricane Preparedness Week runs May 3rd – 9th.

With an increased focus on our families and businesses as we navigate through the unchartered waters of COVID-19, it's more important than ever for your clients to get prepared in advance of the 2020 hurricane season that starts on June 1st.

Experts have predicted an active 2020 hurricane season.Early preparation this year will help your clients obtain essential hurricane supplies that may be difficult to find because of our current situation.

People's Trust is committed to helping your clients and all Floridians get prepared for hurricane season, and we invite you to join us. Please share the 2020 Hurricane Guide with your clients today.

How You Can Help

With millions of Florida residents who have never been through a storm, and attitudes more relaxed than ever, we need your help to spread the word regarding hurricane preparedness this year. Help get your clients prepared by sharing this Guide today!

Before A Storm

Hurricane Preparedness Week is all about making sure we're ready in the event disaster strikes. At People's Trust, being Better Prepared is ingrained in our company philosophy to ensure we can effectively serve you and your customers in the event of a storm.

After A Storm

If a hurricane hits Florida, you can be confident that People's Trust will respond immediately and effectively wherever it lands. Our affiliated contractor, Rapid Response Team, will immediately mobilize its resources to any affected regions of the state so your clients are quickly taken care of. In the event your client experiences damage, have them call People's Trust first at 877-333-1230.

We'll be there for you and your clients in the event disaster strikes.